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“So, do you miss teaching?”

I get that question every once in a while. People also ask if I miss the kids. And the answer has steadfastly been: “No, I do not miss teaching.” “No, I do not miss the kids.” I don’t know why, … Continue reading

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Teacher Prep, Teacher Salaries, Teacher Opportunities

This is the testimony that I gave before the House Education Committee this spring. It is long–turned out to be too long. As the president of DSEA, I am usually afforded three minutes–they were only giving two that day. Not … Continue reading

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Reading is essential to success in classroom

Who could quibble with this statement? “Reading is absolutely essential for success in school and in life, setting the foundation for access to and mastery of most other subject areas.” This quotation is the opening sentence in an op-ed piece … Continue reading

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The Merits of Teachers and Teacher Pay

I keep a couple of files of blog post ideas. Whenever I come across a quote or an opinion, idea, or suggestion that interests me, I toss it into the file. If I had more time, I would post more … Continue reading

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What Is It That Teachers Want?

This response by J.M. Tumbleson to a Diane Ravitch blog post resonated with me. Ravitch wrote recently about a rather chilling experience with a CNN interview. Here is what JMT had to say about an interview question that was based on the … Continue reading

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Building Bridges / Strengthening Infrastructure

a) I only post when I have something to say.                                                                                   b) My urge to write is triggered by what I see, what I hear, what I experience, and especially by what I seemingly stumble over in other blogs or news … Continue reading

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Primum non nocere,…

Maybe every profession should have an expressed, noteworthy, and well-known tenet–words to live by. Check out this blog post by Donnalyn Miller, a 6th grade language arts teacher from Texas, who is known as The Book Whisperer, due to her … Continue reading

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