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The Occasional Post

Holy Toledo. There is nothing like keeping a blog spot fresh and engaging by posting at the glacial pace of about once a month! It is not that I do not care, or I don’t have a lot to say. My work hours have … Continue reading

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Childhood Poverty Can Be Bad for Kids

No time to blog about this now, but I think that this is an important concept: childhood adversity or trauma can have a lasting impact. Not only is the article interesting, but so are the comments included below the piece … Continue reading

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Science Is Everywhere

I am a science teacher. I taught science exclusively for 21 years—from 1990 to 2011. Each September, I introduced a new crop of students to my classroom, my curriculum, the practice of cooperative team learning, and my focus on science … Continue reading

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If you are not following Diane Ravitch’s blog–you should be! She started in April and has already created over 275 posts. She posts almost every morning–sometimes as many as ten posts a day. Read what’s current, but take some time … Continue reading

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