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“So, do you miss teaching?”

I get that question every once in a while. People also ask if I miss the kids. And the answer has steadfastly been: “No, I do not miss teaching.” “No, I do not miss the kids.” I don’t know why, … Continue reading

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Teacher Prep, Teacher Salaries, Teacher Opportunities

This is the testimony that I gave before the House Education Committee this spring. It is long–turned out to be too long. As the president of DSEA, I am usually afforded three minutes–they were only giving two that day. Not … Continue reading

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Coming Into the 21st Century

My closer friends and associates know that while I am not a Luddite, I am slow and reluctant to come around to technological advances of almost any kind.  I was one of the last people I know to get a … Continue reading

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Reading is essential to success in classroom

Who could quibble with this statement? “Reading is absolutely essential for success in school and in life, setting the foundation for access to and mastery of most other subject areas.” This quotation is the opening sentence in an op-ed piece … Continue reading

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Ending Hunger

I have never been hungry a day in my life.  Never really, deeply, truly HUNGRY. Never hungry for hours on end or days on end.  My family has never suffered food insecurity–a term I had never heard of until a … Continue reading

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So little time; so much to read

I am so behind.  So behind in my reading.  So behind in posting on my own blog. My current job as president of Delaware State Education Association (a.k.a. the education union–NEA’s state affiliate here in Delaware) keeps me BUSY, but … Continue reading

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Holy Survey, Batman!

I never imagined, and I could never have predicted, the kerfuffle that has arisen over a survey of working conditions for educators in public schools across Delaware that DSEA sponsored and helped arrange. I come from a district where annual … Continue reading

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The Way We’re Paid

Ever hopeful and naive, I looked at the title of this piece featured in a recent Ed Week on-line publication, Why Educators’ Wages Must Be Revamped Now, and imagined that this would speak engagingly and convincingly about the need to redesign educator salaries … Continue reading

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The Merits of Teachers and Teacher Pay

I keep a couple of files of blog post ideas. Whenever I come across a quote or an opinion, idea, or suggestion that interests me, I toss it into the file. If I had more time, I would post more … Continue reading

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Getting from NO to YES

Opposition from the NRA and some of their members to any and all forms of reasonable gun and gun safety legislation may never change, may never ever diminish or lose volume and intensity, but, I imagine that if they choose to continue … Continue reading

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