“So, do you miss teaching?”

I get that question every once in a while. People also ask if I miss the kids.

And the answer has steadfastly been: “No, I do not miss teaching.” “No, I do not miss the kids.”

I don’t know why, I just don’t. And, I feel no guilt about it. My current job is vastly different from teaching, even though it is tied directly to public schools, education, teaching, and kids. I just began my third year as president of the state education union. My last classroom assignment was during the 2010-2011 school year, when I completed my 39th year of teaching.

However, I do miss teachers. I miss hearing about teaching and staying connected to the classroom through their stories. My best friends are teachers. Or, more likely, were teachers. I still have a few close friends who teach. But, my besties are retired. I am the lone working member of two long-term groups of friends–including the GNO group–Girls Night Out–women who used to teach together (or at one time or another) at H. B. du Pont, and, my Breakfast Buddies–women educators who meet every Saturday for breakfast or lunch. The Union Girls group are all still working teachers, except for me.

So, I spend a lot of time listening to teachers, reading about teaching and teachers, and even attending conferences and workshops for teachers. I get to visit teachers in their schools; I see them at union functions; I run into them when I am out and about. Last night at a local restaurant, our waitress was a teacher. So, of course, we talked about teaching and kids and school, and–well she did have to spend some time out other tables,…

One source of satisfaction has been finding smart and clever blogs about teaching–by teachers, in real time. I like funny and I love satire, so, any blog that moves in that direction keeps my attention.

Some suggestions:

Teenagers Are Ridiculous

But, Wait! There’s More… a teacher’s take on life, her career, being a mom, and everything in between

Ms. M’s Apples / Exploding furnaces, pink eye, and other unexpected events in the life of a middle school teacher…

Warning: These ladies do not pull any punches, and on some sites there will be occasional vulgarity and/or swearing–admittedly part of the appeal for me. I frequently check out blog sites listed by bloggers on their blog rolls–found in the side bars. Great way to wile away an entire afternoon.

I have failed to post for three months. What is wrong with me? Other interests? Other responsibilities? Too pooped to post? All of the above.

Spent most of July out of town on union business for 16 days total and 10 days on family vacation to Maine. Older son got married to a sweetie pie woman. Caught up on some personal interest reading–murder mysteries and spy thrillers. Got a Kindle. Just started Wolf Hall.

Totally wrapped up in keeping up with/catching up on several fascinating TV series: Newsroom (HBO), The Bridge (FX), Broadchurch (BBC America), Thorne Mysteries (Encore), The Killing (AMC), The Americans (FX), Homeland (Showtime–I don’t have this channel but caught all of Season 1 during a free week), and of course Game of Thrones (HBO). These series rock. Heck, there’s not much else worth watching on TV–reality shows hold no interest.

I would promise myself to do better on posting, but,… I could and would easily overlook my intentions.

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6 Responses to “So, do you miss teaching?”

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