Coming Into the 21st Century

My closer friends and associates know that while I am not a Luddite, I am slow and reluctant to come around to technological advances of almost any kind.  I was one of the last people I know to get a microwave, for God’s sake.  “The stove and oven were good enough for me.  Who needs another appliance cluttering the kitchen counter?  Boiled water, popcorn, reheated leftovers? Been there–done that.”  Finally made the big plunge and got that microwave–a big and powerful one, and, of course, I have never looked back. Couldn’t live without it.

Additionally, I am technologically challenged, and they all know that as well. I’m a fairly creative thinker, but a somewhat linear learner. I think that I lack a fair amount of computer intuition and this makes new stuff or new ways of using old stuff a bit intimidating. My two kids will say, “Look, Mom. This is easy. You just do this and then this and then that and, voila!” Meanwhile, I am still back on the “Look, Mom” and the first step,… All I ever wanted was a book that explained just what I needed to know. Or, better yet, a “one-pager” that told me step-by-step how to proceed–one little bit at a time. We could drive each other crazy.

Last week, I did what I had been talking about doing for months and got an IPad. I travel a lot, and lugging even a lighter-weight laptop was too much of a hassle. I had been handling most of my daily business while away on my IPhone–doing some pretty amazing things–things that one would normally do on a desktop or laptop computer–on just a tiny screen. But, the time had come to upgrade and come into the 21st century. So, here I am doing my first post on my new IPad. Got a cover with a keyboard. I can type on the screen, but not nearly as efficiently as with the little keyboard.

Well, I love this thing! Combined with my phone and a borrowed hotspot, I feel newly connected. LOL

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1 Response to Coming Into the 21st Century

  1. John Young says:

    iPad is a cool device for sure!

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