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Getting from NO to YES

Opposition from the NRA and some of their members to any and all forms of reasonable gun and gun safety legislation may never change, may never ever diminish or lose volume and intensity, but, I imagine that if they choose to continue … Continue reading

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No to Gun Control

Now that I have your attention–let me explain. I abhor violence. I believe that gun ownership must be re-organized, effectively regulated, and properly monitored. I am completely in favor of a ban on the manufacture and distribution of assault and … Continue reading

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Bullying can be so difficult to uncover–such a challenge to prevent. If I was still a third grade teacher, I know one simple, meaningful, and effective technique would be to incorporate selected titles from children’s literature to accomplish a few … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

I had New Year’s Day dinner this afternoon at the retirement community where my 94-year old father-in-law lives. Their big meal of the day is served at noon on special days and holidays. There was the traditional roasted pork and … Continue reading

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What Different Impressions They Make

I cleaned out one of the drawers beside my desk yesterday. Buried at the bottom was a copy of a provocative comparison of stereotypes of male and female employees titled He Works, She Works: But What Different Impressions They Make. … Continue reading

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