I have a button on my blog dashboard that allows me to “select” a random post. I love it. I use it every once in a while just to see what it turns up. It is great to have the chance to go back to see what was said and how I said it. I am rarely much disappointed when I come upon an old post. I post fairly infrequently, and I actually take a lot of time to craft each post–hey, I take this job seriously.

If I had the time and the inclination–which I don’t–I could go back and skim much of what I have written–month by month. I could select a category from the sidebar. Or, I could just scroll backwards or forwards through my posts. I have discovered that just because it was written in October of 2011 does not mean that it still might not be relevant or say something of merit. It is not like I am reveling in my ideas or taking strange pleasure in seeing my thoughts in print. It’s just that while time marches on and things change, a heck of a lot stays the same.


I hit that button a few minutes ago and came up with an old post that was titled “It’s So Easy to Recycle.” Holy Toledo. The post was first written in May 2011, recycled in June 2012, and we are still not over the inundation of buzz words in edreform. Go ahead and yammer that!

So, what do you all do when you stumble on a new blog? Do you just read the featured post? Do you scroll through whatever’s on that page? Or, do you take the time to explore?

Do you even have the time? Because if you are like me, you can lose yourself–and several hours on a sleepy Sunday–to strolling through blogdom.

Do you check out the About Me page? Do you go back to see how and why the blog started? Do you scan the categories for what might be appealing to you? Do you follow yet another link to yet another blog?

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