Childhood Poverty Can Be Bad for Kids

No time to blog about this now, but I think that this is an important concept: childhood adversity or trauma can have a lasting impact. Not only is the article interesting, but so are the comments included below the piece Research Traces Impact of Childhood Adversity by Sarah D. Sparks, found in the Education Week on-line newsletter EdWeek Update from November 9, 2012.  Just getting around to review all of the on-line bits that I saved from the past week.

I also heard an interview regarding this very topic last week on NPR.  Cannot recall if it was on Fresh Air or some other program. Interview of an adult who made good after a very challenging childhood. While she relishes her achievements, she also recognizes the constant reminders in her adult life of her rough earlier life. For example, food insecurity during childhood has made her particularly conscious of food availability in her current life and she told of having had difficulty controlling eating once food was readily available to her as an adult with a successful career. For more details, check out my posts titled Trumping Childhood Poverty, Part I and If Childhood Poverty is Part of the Problem–What Does It Look Like?

Educators see the impact every day of childhood poverty on the children they work with. During an interview yesterday, I was asked which social justice issue I believed required / deserved the most immediate attention. I answered right away: CHILDHOOD POVERTY.

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