Nervous about Tuesday?

Isn’t everyone? How many words can you come up with to describe how you and your friends and neighbors are feeling? It has not interfered with my sleep, but I do know folks who tell me that they have lain awake nights wondering and worrying how the presidential election will turn out. I will be glad when Wednesday rolls around that the flood of political ads will be finally staunched, but, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the big one is a win for my guy. I am forever hopeful that there will be no change in the White House.

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4 Responses to Nervous about Tuesday?

  1. Gilda says:

    Right there with you. The dreams are as bad as negotiations dreams used to be. Ugh! And finally the road signs will be gone–hooray!

  2. Eva Peterson says:

    My greatest concern is how interference will be done at the posts–suspicious packages, closings and wow–what about New Jersey???? Yikes.


  3. Frederika says:

    BTW: I am no longer nervous about the outcome of the election. Hallelujah!
    However, some great candidates did lose. Here in Delaware, we will miss Rep. Dori Connor’s wit and wisdom. We will have to wait until later to see Ms. Katie Cooke and Ms. Lynne Newlin shine in the state legislature.

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