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Childhood Poverty Can Be Bad for Kids

No time to blog about this now, but I think that this is an important concept: childhood adversity or trauma can have a lasting impact. Not only is the article interesting, but so are the comments included below the piece … Continue reading

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Nervous about Tuesday?

Isn’t everyone? How many words can you come up with to describe how you and your friends and neighbors are feeling? It has not interfered with my sleep, but I do know folks who tell me that they have lain … Continue reading

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“Teaching reading IS rocket science.”

I love this quote. I picked it up from a colleague and friend who taught reading for her entire career as a reading specialist and classroom teacher. I taught reading for 17 years as a third and fourth grade classroom teacher. … Continue reading

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Science Is Everywhere

I am a science teacher. I taught science exclusively for 21 years—from 1990 to 2011. Each September, I introduced a new crop of students to my classroom, my curriculum, the practice of cooperative team learning, and my focus on science … Continue reading

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