Is it boredom or apathy?

This question comes from a great little movie called The Trotsky–click here to see a movie trailer. If you have not seen this film and you have an interest in organizing or unionizing or are a union member (or you are, or will be or used to be, a high school student who has an intellectual bent and is fairly fed up with the bureaucracy and redundancy of high school–hey, how much could it have changed since I graduated in 1968???), you should locate a copy of this film and see it, preferrably with a group of like-minded friends.

It is a charming, funny, slightly provocative film–and I think not really aimed at the wider teen-aged audience. The lead role of Leon Bronstein is played by a talented actor name Jason Baruchel (Million Dollar Baby, Knocked Up, Tropic Thunder). You may recognize but not know the names of several other members of the cast, including Saul Rubinek as Leon’s long-suffering father; Michael Murphy as the lawyer who finally sides with Leon; the malevolent and strikingly familiar archetype principal played so well by Colm Feore; and a cameo appearance by one Genevieve Bujold, as a former liberal activist turned judge. [I looked her up. Let me tell you, at age 70 when the film was made, she looks great. I always thought that she was French–turns out she’s Canadienne.]

DSEA showed The Trotsky last fall to local education leaders at our Leaders Weekend–our own version of dinner and a movie turned out to be a big hit. If you google The Trotsky you can peruse several entries, but the review on Rotten Tomatoes does not hold water, according to the 100 DSEA members who saw the movie with us. They liked it. As a matter of fact, I think that I will borrow the copy we own and see it again this weekend. It is a charming, funny, Canadian-made film which I would have enjoyed and recommended even if it did not have a great union message.

Anyway,…  It has been a LONG time since I last posted–September 1st to be exact. Can I just use the excuse that I have been busy? That’s an obvious and likely excuse.  And I have been busy, with meetings layered on meetings, with even an occasional overlap. But, heck, we’re all busy, aren’t we?

In some ways the last few days of pre-hurricane preparations, followed by the hours of anticipation, anxiety, and dread, were a change of pace and a definite change of focus. Jeez. I have not thought or even talked about Component 5 and teacher evaluation for the past 48 hours. That may actually constitute a personal record within the past fourteen months.

During the storm, we had a big tree come down–thankfully, it fell away from the house instead of into the house as I feared it might. [Strange that before last Wednesday when it became clear that the storm was actually headed for the mid-coast Atlantic region, near where I live, I had not paid much attention to the condition of this huge, gangly apple tree about fifteen feet off of the front deck of my house. Suddenly, there it loomed and I started to get nervous.] A huge white pine on one property line is standing now at an ominous 20-30 degree tilt, so it could come down before we get the chance to take it down. But, other than that, we fared well. My son, his girlfriend, and their two dogs came to ride out the storm with me–which was fun. The dogs were endlessly entertaining–even on Sunday evening when the corgi got into and ate three days worth of dry dog food–her share and the dachshund’s share–during the ten minutes that I was holed up in the bathroom. She is such a pig-dog. I was dog-sitting while the kids went to Newark for a Hurricane/Halloween blast at the Deer Park.

I had imagined that I could spend much of the past few days scanning my computer and catching up on lost blog time. However, most time on the computer was spent tracking the storm or putting the last touches on union business leftover from last week before we shut down the servers last evening, just to be safe. Or, there we were, glued to the TV set, watching the same or similar reports from all major channels. I did get caught up on episodes of Boardwalk Empire and Treme, as well as some of last week’s Daily Show and Colbert Report.

I have found that after a long day at the job I do, I often run out of steam by about 7:30-8:00, with no energy left to post on my own blog site or to even follow my other blog regulars and favorites. I have just enough power left to dull my senses with the oblivion of yet another episode of Law & Order, where I can just veg out and relax, or another TV opiate that requires little energy and very little thought. Aaaah.

It’s not boredom; it’s not apathy. It’s just plain tired. Maybe I’ll perk up again after the election. One less huge issue to worry about, to be consumed by, and to spend time and energy on.

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One Response to Is it boredom or apathy?

  1. Eva Peterson says:

    did my heart good! thanks for posting! glad the tree feel away from the fray!


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