If you are not following Diane Ravitch’s blog–you should be!

She started in April and has already created over 275 posts. She posts almost every morning–sometimes as many as ten posts a day. Read what’s current, but take some time to poke around to see what topics she has already covered. Her post from yesterday on the College Board’s full-page ad in yesterday’s New York Times promoting some new campaign about/against (you be the judge) public school education is alarming.

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3 Responses to READ RAVITCH

  1. A Delaware Teacher says:

    I am confused. My school (a middle school) was thinking about piloting Springboard by the College Board because it aligns to Common Core so well. It also looks like it prepared students to do better in AP classes when they get to high school. I guess I thought College Board was pro education. Maybe they want to instill a fear where they have a solution. Thanks for pointing this out.

    Thanks for the link to Diane’s blog. I don’t think I will read it because I would get infuriated. I spent time the other day reading through the comments on an education article at The comments ranged from pro education to anti-union.

    The disparity of what people in our country believe about educators is amazing. Some of them are sad really. Some of them believe that teaching is just a job. I guess they think we go in, do our time, and go home. They are bitter about breaks, pay, and benefits. However, I would imagine those same people fondly remember their summer vacations when they were a child. I guess they are bitter.

    • fsjenner says:

      I am not pointing out anything about College Board. I am just recognizing the outstanding and very provocative writing that Diane Ravitch is putting out there. I think the world of her. I am confounded by your comment about not reading her blog because you may find it infuriating. Read it because it is informative. Information is the key to undersdtanding. This is vastly different than reading the comments on NYT articles or worse–comments on News Journal articles. BTW: Here’s my mantra: Don’t get mad–organize. Organize your thoughts; organize your reading; organize some action.

      If you have not read her book, The Life and Death of the Great American School System, it is well worth the time and very readable.

      • A Delaware Teacher says:

        By infuriating, I mean that her blog makes me feel frustrated as a public school teacher. I have since read many of her posts. I can’t believe the amount of crazy “reforms” going on in our country. And now that I am on summer “vacation,” I have time to think about things. I am amazed by how many people have input about my job.

        Her site is informative, but I feel so powerless. I just want to put my head in the sand some days. I long for being in the classroom where I know I can make a difference, despite data to the contrary. Twenty years ago when I started, I knew the job would be tough and sometime thankless, but when did we teachers become the bad guys?

        People have no idea what it takes to teach children.

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