News from the Commissariat

Or as we say back home: Новости от комиссариат

In an interesting turn of events, a local “sleeper cell” has recently been discovered, recognized for what it was, and exposed for all to see.  Ha!

All I have to say is: “I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of the Communist Party.”

I am, however, amazed and even a bit amused by the ranting of a local boy with what I understand are big political ambitions.  Hard to believe that someone who frames the world in the way that Mr. Q. appears to could be seen by many as a valid candidate, one whose views would truly represent their own.

Casting aspersions like these and naming names seems so passé.  Communists among us?  The threat of Communism and/or the outing of suspected Reds are so old school.  Really.  Is this the best that Mr. Q. could do?  Is there nothing else worth writing about?

Is this the –ism that is to be most feared and reviled in 2012?

According to Tom Lehrer, the master of song parody, way back in the time of the actual Cold War, there is an -ism that could really do you some good.  It was the one detailed in this old Russian favorite:

Signed:  Commissar Frederinya Jenarovich

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One Response to News from the Commissariat

  1. gilda says:

    After plowing through his diatribe, my conclusion is that Mr. Q. must have been taking drugs that make you stupid. It’s the only explanation possible. That, and of course, that he is a complete and total idiot.

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