Voices for Education

I am thinking about creating a second, new blog.  I love having this outlet for my ideas, my frustrations, and my views.  It is very satisfying to have the chance to speak my mind, to have an audience, and to occasionally get feedback and affirmation.  I have a number of colleagues who write to me about school stuff.  I have suggested to several that they really need to consider a blog.  For whatever reason, they are reluctant to take that step, to make that kind of commitment, to widen their audience.  So, I am thinking about trying to create and manage a blog for the voices of educators.

The work would be transmitted to me for me to frame and present.  I feel that these are voices that need to be heard.  Not so much as complaint, but more as insight, background, POV, history, response, reaction, commentary, or punditry.  The media is filled with voices about education and especially about edreform.  However, too often these are not the voices of educators.  They are the voices of VIP’s in the world of politics, business, etc.  I think the public deserves to hear their voices and, moreover, they deserve to be heard.

I will talk to a few more people.  I need to work out some more of the details.  I would have to set some ground rules.

Passion–OK.  Vulgarity–NO.  Sarcasm–OK.  Nastiness–NO.  Humor–by all means.

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7 Responses to Voices for Education

  1. A Delaware Teacher says:

    I like the idea. You have mentioned to me before that I should have my own blog. But even though I can offer some insights as a full-time teacher, I do not speak for all teachers. I also worry that my words will come back to haunt me. As much as I admire the writers I read for their courage to speak their minds, I value my job as well. All is not perfect in education, but as a frontline solider, I am paid to fight- not question. 🙂

    • fsjenner says:

      I do not speak for others. I speak for me. It’s O.K. to express one’s opinions. No one imagines that any one of us is speaking for a wider source than our own mind. Your words can come back to haunt me. That is why I am offering to be the conduit. The teacher “voice” can remain in anonymity if he or she chooses. Select a nom de plume. No need to be controvesial or confrontational. If you want that, check out a blog title “Mr. Teachbad–Where Teachers Laugh and Complain.”

  2. John Young says:

    Please do not name your new blog Voices for Education. Too close to a certain shadowy entity.

  3. fsjenner says:

    My real dilemmas include: how to reach out to real educators, how to give them a way to e-mail me their ideas without using my professional or personal e-mail addresses, and how to not attract trolls or false entries. I also would like to be able to do some minor editing for clarity and proofreading. Suggestions?

    • John Young says:

      set up a free Gmail address with a salient name. Don’t know much about keeping trolls out, but my guess is not too many will spam the gmail box.

      Then copy/paste/slightly modify right in your new blog!

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