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Summer Vacation

Here it is, May 28th, and it is 90 freakin’ degrees out there! I am much better at coping with seasonally cold weather than this seriously hot and humid stuff. Summer does not officially begin, calendar-wise, until June 20. Holy Toledo! … Continue reading

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Why Not,…

Ta-da!  This is my 100th post.  I just finished my 99th, and was all set to close up shop for the day, when I realized that I could accomplish this little goal by just staying seated for a while longer. Actually, … Continue reading

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The Eternal Search

My colleagues and I are still seeking one of the Holy Grails of education: I call it PDGPD. Translation? Pretty Damned Good Professional Development What did we used to call professional development (PD) in the good old days? This is … Continue reading

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News from the Commissariat

Or as we say back home: Новости от комиссариат In an interesting turn of events, a local “sleeper cell” has recently been discovered, recognized for what it was, and exposed for all to see.  Ha! All I have to say … Continue reading

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I Read It in the New York Times,…

The following is an excellent piece about teaching, learning, and loving literature.  It was a feature in the Sunday NYTa few weeks ago (April 20, 2012).  Written by an English teacher at a public middle school in Manhattan, the piece conveys … Continue reading

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Voices for Education

I am thinking about creating a second, new blog.  I love having this outlet for my ideas, my frustrations, and my views.  It is very satisfying to have the chance to speak my mind, to have an audience, and to occasionally … Continue reading

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Full-bore School Board Elections

Last Tuesday, May 8, was School Board Election Day here in Delaware.  There has been some pressure and lots of talk in the past few years about the idea of repositioning school board elections on the annual calendar to coincide … Continue reading

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