Time to Make the Doughnuts

Time to make a blog post. It’s always the right time to post. I love to post. I almost always have something to say–you can be the judge of whether or not it’s actually worth saying. I maintain this blog to amuse and satisfy myself. I have a file on my desktop filled with ideas, quotes, bits and pieces of paragraphs that were started but never completed. I labor over my posts–reading and rereading, tweaking, revising–one post can take me HOURS to complete and publish.

I love an audience. I used to have some easily accessed ones–the 147 kids in my 6th grade science classroom every day for an entire school year and/or the 1100 members of RCEA who I could reach by simply hitting SEND. Of course, the messages were vastly different for those two audiences–I never crossed the line with my students.

I just read the annual report by wordpress.com for the local blog Transparent Christina by John Young, and boy, am I impressed. He accummulated 563 posts in the past year!!! Holy cow. John had a traffic count of over 44,000 hits. I would suspect that he more than met and exceeded the goal that he had set for the year. If you are interested, see TC in my blogroll in the righthand sidebar.

I know John. We have several shared interests. We think similarly about many topics and issues. We are both committed to public education and to genuine school improvement for all–students, families, educators, schools, and communities. But, his blog style and mine are pretty different. He is assertive, aggressive, vociferously opinionated, outspoken, and bold. Me? Not so much. It’s just not my style.

563 posts in one year is AMAZING! I will submit that a number of his posts are short and sweet–reposts from other sources or music videos or cartoons. Like I said, mine are laborious. Mostly my ideas and my commentary. My colleagues are always telling me that less is more. I have trouble shutting up.

My goals? To keep on keeping on. To get my blogmeister over here to show me ways to upgrade my posts with artwork, photos, videos, etc.  To increase my number of annual posts from the 75 I have done in the 13 months since November, 2010 to January 1, 2012. Maybe double the number. Posting 4-5 times in the week between Christmas and New Years was a major achievement! 

My remaining goal is to get some kind of on-going feedback from readers. I have said this before. Talk to me, people. That is part of the schema with blogs. We post–you respond. I respond all of the time on other blog sites. [I was one of the top five commentors on Transparent Christina.] I occasionally choose to use a pseudonym–you can too. Although, I HATE “Anonymous.” Really? That’s the best you can do? At least come up with something: Howdy Doody, pronto, your initials, a childhood nickname–something. I don’t so much care who you are as what you have to say.

Thank you to Gilda and the few other folks who comment every once in a while. Remember? I am looking for an audience. Clap, boo, or make rude sounds.

BTW: Not many blogs or individual posts get much response action. Most blog visitors are readers only. Thanks to the readers.

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2 Responses to Time to Make the Doughnuts

  1. John Young says:

    Honored to get your mention. I know I come off irascible at times. I only seek to offend those not willing to be intellectually honest with their informed beliefs. This is why I routinely challenge the Bus. Roundtable, some DOE figures, Rodel, etc.

    I never mean to imply they don’t care. They all do. Some more than me. Also, when they lie…about all kinds of things. That really fuels me, too.

    Anyway, I think you are doing a very good job for your team. I used to have all kinds of advice for your predecessor. Now I see advocacy and research and most of all common sense is back in charge! Keep up the passion and strong work. Being at the table and on the table are certainly two different things and today’s DSEA gets that!

    Here’s to a helluva 2012 for our kids!

  2. Frederika says:

    I agree–here’s to a great year! Thanks for the response. I think I know where you are coming from and I think that you understand my ways of thinking and behaving. We have plenty of common interests and see a lot of things in similar ways. I am a pretty liberal thinker. Good intentions mean a great deal to me, but so do truth and social justice.

    I do not share your taste in music, however. This may be generational. The 80’s were not and will never be one of my decades. LOL

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