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Good-bye to 2011 / Welcome to 2012

I was thinking of doing a New Year’s Resolution post on this last day of 2011. I did one last year. I just reread it–it was pretty good. It was spontaneous and heartfelt. I was thinking that maybe it could … Continue reading

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In Fiddler On the Roof, Tevye regales the audience with the values and ideals of TRADITION—the ways of Jewish village life back in the shtetl. Later, he bemoans the loss of many of these traditions as he and his family try … Continue reading

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Lighting the Way

In a recent post on the Rodel blog site, Paul Herdman, President and CEO of the Rodel Foundation, uses the North Star as a metaphor for our collective journey towards school improvement.  Mr. Herdman writes: “As Delaware policy makers and teachers struggle … Continue reading

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What’s a Greek urn?

[As an aside: A friend who regularly reads this blog commented that she did not understand the title that I gave this post. I had to laugh. The ideas for titles just sort of come to me. I don’t think … Continue reading

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Who Would Have Thought …?

[OMG. It is obvious that I will do almost anything to avoid housework. It’s the day before Christmas. While everyone else is out shopping or busy decorating their homes for the holidays, I am here posting on my blog. It’s … Continue reading

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The Billion Dollar Perspective

I found this snippet on the Ed Week web pages. It’s always good to know that yet another billionaire holds teachers and their unions in such high regard. I understand that his real beef is with “the unions.” However, this … Continue reading

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