It’s Been a Long Time Comin’,…

Heard this song on the radio the other day: Long Time Gone (1968, by Crosby, Stills, & Nash). Jeez–it took me back. If I had the technological know-how, I would attach the song here so that y’all could listen to it all the way through for yourselves. [I need to have my blogmeister stop by for some additional training sessions.] To my ear and my way of thinking about the world, it’s a relatively small, quiet, unemotional song with a hidden and mysterious power.  I was born in 1950, so the late sixties were my old stomping ground, andCrosby, Stills, and Nash were some of the premier chroniclers of that time. It did not take much to radicalize me at that time: the music, civil rights, the political scene, the WAR, fear of the draft, my parents–who, as it turns out, were totally O.K. I just didn’t know it at the time. LOL 

Comments on Some Long Times Comin’  

1. I have not posted since June 28–time to get back to blogging! Hey, what can I tell you? I’ve been busy. Really. Since June 10th (last student day), I have been toMaine twice for a total of almost four weeks. I traveled toChicago for a week to the NEA RA. And, I got to go toBoston for a week for leadership training. Sweet.

2. The end of summer. Tough for kids. Bittersweet for teachers. Old joke: What are the three best things about teaching?: June, July, and August.  Ba-dum-bum. I have learned to live by this maxim: It is my responsibility to have a great summer. And I always do. Of course, I am not hard to please and easy to amuse. I tend to surround myself with pleasing experiences and amusing people.

3. This is the first time in over five decades that I will not be returning to school–either as a student or as the teacher. After teaching for 39 straight years, I have given up a classroom gig for something new and different. Starting September 1st, and for the next three years, I will be serving as the President of the Delaware State Education Association (DSEA)–what the public often refers to as the teachers’ union. I will now have what some teachers might joke about as a real adult job–with my own office, a desk of my own (minus grubby little fingerprints), a fully-functioning phone (including long distance calls), and an assistant. I am excited.

I have been given the go-ahead to keep on blogging. NOT as the new president of DSEA, but as a concerned citizen, former teacher, union supporter, political enthusiast, avid blog reader, wife, mother, and general bon vivant. I blog because I seem to have the need to speak out. Lacking a ready, steady audience–I got you, Babe. 

4. Speaking of long times comin’—waiting around for something either good or bad can be challenging. Here we all are, waiting around for the arrival of what is purported to be a monster storm. I live in Delaware, but not along the coast of Delaware. But then again, Delawarepretty much is the coast—at least 80% of the entire state is COASTAL PLAIN—low, lean, and flat. According to an expert at the Universityof Delaware, Coastal Delaware is the lowest state in the U.S. at a mean elevation of 60 ft. above sea level and 17% of the state is in the FEMA-mapped 100-yr floodplain.” Oh-oh! I live on a hill in the small and elevated Piedmont portion of the state. But many of my friends and neighbors to the south may have a wet time ahead of them.

We lost our power for 56 hours during that strange daytime blow a mere two and a half weeks ago, so we have already done our part this summer. Minimal food loss from fridge and freezer, but things were getting a bit dicey. My husband did a yeoman’s job of managing coolers and monitoring any openings of the icebox. We are almost finished eating up the partially thawed foods from the freezer.  56 hours in the dark is a long time—from noon Tuesday until 6:00 p.m. Thursday. Thank goodness the weather was mild and the humidity was low or else I woulda been a handful! Hot & humid and I do not mix.

Wishing everybody up and down the state safe harbor from this storm. Stay dry.

BTW: Monday, September 19 is TLAPD: Talk Like A Pirate Day. Just 23 days, 3 hours, and 14 minutes. But, who’s counting? Now’s the time to get ready. Practice piratical conversating over the next few days. Arrgh!

Need some ideas? While the power’s still on, check out the official website.

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8 Responses to It’s Been a Long Time Comin’,…

  1. John Young says:

    If I may ask, who had to give you the go ahead? that sounds strange to me, being in America and all…

  2. John Young says:


    The Governor has a blog and so does the Lt. Governor. Why not the President of the DSEA as the President of the DSEA…..

    Your own political director blogs……..

  3. Frederika says:


    Thank you for the musical interlude! Excellent.

    You are taking my words far too literally. Of course, no one had to give me permission to keep on blogging. I was being funny. I do want to distinguish that my ideas are my own and my opinions do not represent those of the organization–for what that is worth. In reality, I will influence the direction of the union and the union will most certainly color my thinking. Picture me with raised fist: T.G.F.U.

  4. John Young says:

    Whew, glad to know I was overreacting. I know they are hard to separate, but I value your contribution to this amazing discourse on DE education…….

  5. gilda says:

    Nice to have you back-have missed your insightful commentary on all manner of things!

  6. Mike Matthews says:

    A Jenner-ific presence in the blogosphere is always welcome. Great post and welcome back!

  7. We are not separate people. We are mothers, teachers, union presidents, workers, hobbyists, church-goers …. Don’t try to separate or compartmentalize yourself, Frederika. I once thought I had to do that. Not healthy:) Mary Ann Pry taught me that!

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