This Blog’s Life

This blog thing is tough. It could become a full-time job.

#1: There is my own blog to follow and to keep up. I alternately do a good to fair to middling to lousy job on keeping up with posts. It’s not that I lack things to say–it’s just that I can’t always make the time to give it proper attention and to do a decent enough job to satisfy me. I have an ever-growing file on my desktop of blog topics and ideas.

#2: There are all of the other fabulous fav blogs that I regularly follow. I discovered blogs about five years ago–local Delaware blogs about the political and education issues of the day. I was hooked. Where else can you see/read/hear interesting and provocative ideas from hundreds of people and toss back your own opinions and ideas, every day of the week, without even leaving the confines of your home or changing out of your jammies???

#3: Then there are the other blogs that I check every week or so–reading back down through the posts of interest. Always an informative and stimulating task.

#4: And last, but not least, all of the “wonderful and new” blogs that one stumbles upon by way of references, reposts, other bloggers blogrolls, etc.  I can lose hours and hours tracking new and intriguing blogs. And, adding them to my favorites. And checking and rechecking.

I admit it–it is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it!  LOL 

I am a dedicated newspaper reader–the Wilmington News Journal every day, and the NYT on Sundays. My dream is to reach the point in my life where I can read the Times every morning. And, I like the paper papers–not the on-line versions, which are OK for a quick check, but not for a satisfying read with a cuppa.  

But blogs fulfill a different role. They can be newsy and informative. I have learned a lot by following blogs. But, the best part is the call and response aspect of blogs. There’s the post–>the response–>the counter-post–>the reply. The back-and-forth; the give and take. Point-counterpoint.

However, sometimes it gets down and dirty. Mean. Nasty. Vulgar. Obscene. Embarrassing. Insulting. Revealing of character. Pssibly leading to unintended consequences. Trolling and phishing are not welcome.

I think bloggers and regular readers/responders to blogs understand the significance of participation. Some folks feel comfortable enough to sign on with their given names. Others feel the need to remain anonymous or to give themselves a noms de blog–ghost writers in the sky.

Most blog followers understand the concepts of opinion vs. truth. Ideas vs. news. Pot-stirring vs. genuine, meaningful debate.

Just because someone follows any given blog, or even chooses to respond to a particular blog, does not mean that he/she automatically agrees with everything the blogger states or believes. For example, I am liberal in my thinking and in my politics. However, I do follow several conservative blogs because they are worthy of my time, well-written, and honestly provided.

One last thing: Thanks to you if you choose to check my blog every once in a while. Do me a favor. Write back. Say something every now and then. Let me know you are there. It can get lonely out in in the blogosphere. LOL

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9 Responses to This Blog’s Life

  1. Kilroy says:

    Great post!

    I tend to fall into this analogy, “However, sometimes it gets down and dirty. Mean. Nasty. Vulgar. Obscene. Embarrassing. Insulting. Revealing of character.” Somebody has to takeout the trash.

    But I must say from being engaged in the issues for many years those characteristics are reflective of some in school administration but you have to be in the inner circle to see the beast. I use to think parents weren’t allowed to cross the line because the system didn’t want parents dictating policies. However, I believe it’s about parents not be able to handle the truth that the “management” of public education is driven by power, ego, politics and money. It seems those who get rewarded the most tend to surrender their morals to be subservient to those possessing a little man syndrome or little women if that were the case:).

    I am aggressive at what I do but have some degree of morals. I don’t like or permit comments dragging one’s family members in the conversation and certainly one’s sex life. The politics in America sets the stage of media morals. Political campaigns do get nasty and personal. However, those with a higher level of intelligence are more tactful than perhaps Kilroy. But in the end the meaning is the same.

    You being a high profile educators are somewhat restricted to professional protocol and subjective to severe repercussions. I on the other-hand don’t have a career in education that can be attacked. Honestly, the real failure in public education which in my opinion comes from the management of education are a result of professionals turning a blind-eye in fear of losing their livelihood. Children don’t always come first.

    How is it a guy like me with a GED and pocketful of college credits can see the deep flaws. One must wonder why public education (not taking about teachers) is so screwed up when it’s managed by those with PhD’s ? Furthermore, why do those PhD’s need consultants telling them the right things to do which in most cases is the wrong thing to do.

    What right do I have on my social scale to even inject my views and opinion in the education concerns? But then again, what right does someone like Arne Duncan without ever teaching a classroom of students and without ever being a school building administrator have running America’s schools. Same goes for our governor. Though DEDOE falls under his authority it doesn’t warrant such a level of micromanagement never seen before in Delaware.

    Blogging to me is nothing more than a soapbox where one can listen and engage or just walk away. I manipulate the headlines and the issues to provoke thought and sometime rage. It is in rage the truth tends to come out. It is debate that drive compromise. It is quick reaction that reveals true character. A blog can be nothing more than a community bulletin-board or a place to post the day’s headlines and ask what do you think. I rather people attack me than others leaving comments. I do tend to employe “Rules for Radicals” and have certain elements that are my favorite. Rules for Radicals have been employed in politics for many years and are effective.

    Honestly I hate blogging but it is the only space I can express myself. I enjoy the back-channel communications and an amazing relationship with quite a few politicians on both sides. Education seems to be my niche with a twist of politics.

    Now how is it one with a GED and a pocketful of college credits can be so concern with public education? I knew when I started blogging in 2006 my lack of proper grammar and literary skills would be a hindrance. But I feel, no matter where your station in life is you matter and you have just as much a right to express yourself. If we’re all stakeholders we should all have a voice.

    There are really no rules in blogging as there are no real rules in the ignorance of political agenda of politicians who support a Wall Street agenda set to takeover public education. It’s so ironic that Obama shakes his fist at Wall Street during his campaigns but afterwards extends his hands of thanks to the likes of Eli Broad and Bill Gates. Education belongs to the local communities and should be governed by the same with clear full transparency. The most effective community watchdogs are in the community not Wall Street.

    Before I retire from blogging I want to see recordings of every school board state and local placed online. I want see the Delaware State Board of Education being held at a place and time convenient to parents, educators and the community. I want to see the Delaware State Board of Education selected by the community not the governor. I want to see the Delaware Department of Education operate in a professional manner not political. So it looks like I’ll never retire.

  2. I was looking for some meaningful reflection of what’s going on with DDOE/CSD from the incoming DSEA leadership. Isn’t this just where leadership comes in handy?

    • kilroysdelaware says:

      Nancy I don’t think the politics of DSEA is like the big league! Fundamentally they are the same party. There is too much dust in the air with CSD issue but we all know teachers we’re being screwed by the CSD super’s deviation of the PZ MOU terms and DEDOE sat dumb and blind. If education is the civil rights of this generation, civil rights must be respect for all stakeholders. The deviation of PZ MOU was a clear violation of those civil rights. The board did the right thing.

  3. Frederika says:

    “Blogging to me is nothing more than a soapbox where one can listen and engage or just walk away.” Good point, Kilroy. This is very much what blogging is to me. I post what I want to say; I respond the way I want to. It’s my soapbox–stay, listen, talk back, or move along. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to,…

    I am not likely to post about a topic someone else suggests or pushes at me. This is a personal blog–not representative of groups to which I may belong or represent. It’s me, my, mine. I may post about political topics or education-related topics, but my views are mine and mine alone–although I may be aware that others share my views and/or experiences.

  4. kilroysdelaware says:

    LOL !

    I am open to guest want-to-be blogger to post something but otherwise I’ll post on a whim. But I love Rules for Radicals and learned how to push topics out on the internet. I think it’s great to have an open forum where all can come and debate or express concerns about Delaware’s education. In regards to the CSD concerns, all can see Markell and DEDOE and other clones go on the media offensive. With blogs tied to Twitter and Facebook like Kilroy’s we can get attention to the issues and notice. Though some of us can spin the negative and dirt we must remember that’s what our politicians do.

    I really miss the Down With Absolutes guy. He, Dana and Jason at DL got me hooked. A lot of people sit home yelling and bitching at the TV news or the Newspaper and nobody hears them. Blogs are the ultimate virtual soapbox.

  5. Again Ms. Jenner: Why no position on the most important thing coming down the pike? I Call Chicken sh*t. For you to remain silent on this issue speaks volumes to me. Why the hell else were you elected if not that you represented yourself as someone with the moxy to weigh in on the most important issue facing teachers in our state? No, I am not expecting you to answer “for” the groups you may or may not represent or soon represent. I am expecting you to weigh in because that is exactly how you represented yourself to the general public and the reason that Mike Matthews worked so hard to get you positioned for a win.

    Oh, poor, poor Frederika, someone is “pushing” an issue her way. Sheesh. If this is how you will handle DSEA, good luck to our Education System.

  6. Frederika says:

    Buzz off, Nancy. What’s with all of this invective and nastiness? You cannot goad me, shame me, or embarrass me to speak out on a local Christina matter at this time or in this venue.

    Why would you speak to me so rudely? You don’t even know me. I owe you nothing.

    I never positioned myself to or for the general public. The public had nothing to do with my campaign or election. I will speak when it is the time and place for me to do so. And, it will not be on this blog or on any other blog. Our members hardly look for me to speak on their behalf on a blog.

    My blog is like anyone else’s–my place to say what’s on my mind. As AN INDIVIDUAL. Not as Anne’s sister, or Nick’s mom, or Red Clay’s teacher, or DSEA’s President-elect.

    I find the blog public’s continued interest in internal education union business to be tiresome and inappropriate–an unnecessary, unwarranted interference. My opinion. In my humble opinion, union business is union business–not yours or Kilroy’s or Mrs. McGillicuddy’s, unless she is a card-carrying member.

    And, if you think that this is “the most important thing coming down the pike”, then you really are out of touch with the situation facing public education today.

  7. kilroysdelaware says:

    Gee Nancy Jenner isn’t a public official and still she is not DSEA president.
    Now for that union business 🙂 Internal no but social impact yes. I don’t think unions fighting for fair pay and benefit counter productive. I don’t feel unions fighting for bargaining rights counter productive. As long as DSEA takes on political positions I feel criticism is fair play. I support organized labor 100% And any failures in Delaware public schools can really be traced by to Dover! DSEA did’t requested DSTP which is flawed even in Markell’s words. But DSEA does touch the lives of our chilren and there is a lot to support but surely we reserve the right to question DSEA action or inactions.
    Now is that Mrs. McGillicuddy that we need to be concern with. LOL !

  8. I think she’s a chicken shit for not weighing in. Period.

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