So much to read; so little time,…

Is there a job where you get paid to read? To read whatever you like, whenever you want to? I keep stumbling over yet another intriguing, worthwhile blog (or newspaper or magazine article) that leads me to yet another wonderful read. And, soon, another hour, or two or three, have floated downstream, and around the bend.

My latest blog find: Regurgitated Alpha Bits. I found out about that from a reference from one of the readers of my blog. So, I went there around 3:30–it is 5:45 now. In the sidebar of RAB, I found a blogroll that included several other “good reads.” Funny stuff. Enlightening stuff. Provocative stuff. Satire. Hmmmm–satire. (a la Homer Simpson) If you have an entire afternoon to kill–or if you can be more disciplined than I, take a look-see at any of these well-written, thoughtful, FUNNY as hell teacher blogs.

Learn Me Good

It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages

Who can afford to live this way? Who has the time? The Internet itself is one big time suck. Blogs are the BLACK HOLE of the Internet, and I have just scratched the surface! Arrrgh!

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