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This Blog’s Life

This blog thing is tough. It could become a full-time job. #1: There is my own blog to follow and to keep up. I alternately do a good to fair to middling to lousy job on keeping up with posts. … Continue reading

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Subject to Debate

Subject to Debate┬áby Katha Pollitt is a regular feature in The Nation, a weekly magazine that was offered to me for so little money that I could not resist subscribing. I honestly do not have the time to read it … Continue reading

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So much to read; so little time,…

Is there a job where you get paid to read? To read whatever you like, whenever you want to? I keep stumbling over yet another intriguing, worthwhile blog (or newspaper or magazine article) that leads me to yet another wonderful … Continue reading

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Win or Lose? Time Will Tell

As a working, professional teacher, I am particularly aware of the criticisms and virtual abuse that has been heaped on me and my public school colleagues in the last decade by edreformers across this nation. On the one hand, I … Continue reading

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Oh, my gawd!

I do love a good laugh. One of my favorite sayings is: “A day without smiling is a day wasted.” One thing that has always kept me laughing is spending the day with kids. Art Linkletter was right–“Kids do say … Continue reading

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