From Sea to Shining Sea,…

It’s bi-coastal.

I keep telling all my education friends that whatever is happening in their schools is happening in schools in every corner of this country. What they see happening to teachers is happening across the U.S. It’s everywhere–it’s everywhere!

Here is a great story about a New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) PR idea that I just found on Seattle Education 2010, a favorite Pacific coast edublog. Seattle teachers and parents are struggling to fight off the impact of a Broad-based superintendent of Seattle Public Schools, a newly-minted TFA contract, as well as the influx of monies and influence from their perpetual favorite son, Bill Gates–the man with the plan for public education. Actually, their Broad Academy super was just fired for financial wrong-doings.

I think this New Jersey action plan is totally doable. We get ourteacher homework done, our students’ papers get graded, and the public gets a valuable object lesson. See you at The Mall.

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2 Responses to From Sea to Shining Sea,…

  1. Linda Gregory says:

    Let’s do it! What a great idea!

  2. Michael B says:

    I agree!

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