What Does It Mean to Be Educated?

You never know where or when the inspiration for a blog post will come. I got an e-mail from a long-time and much-respected, retired teacher friend, Doris Morris. If you are a teaching veteran in Red Clay or a veteran science teacher in Delaware, you may know Doris. If you do not know her, you can thank her for the kinds of advances we have in Delaware science teaching, as well as the no-nonsense approach she always stood for in teaching and learning of all subjects in her 5th grade classroom. But, enough about Doris.

A friend of Doris’s sent along an audio file of an essay that his daughter-in-law, a middle school social studies teacher from Virginia, created for her local Public Radio station. This station has a feature called Civic Soapbox. Listeners may submit appropriate topics for broadcast. Katrien Vance did a bang-up job on her submission.

The piece, which runs for less than four minutes, is entitled What Does It Mean to Be Educated?” I think that this may be one of a few critical questions that demand serious consideration and debate as we attempt to move forward in school improvement. In my mind, there has always been a distinction between schooling and education. I think that Katrien says it beautifully.  Give a listen.

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