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Get Fit Quick!

I’m a sucker for this kind of humor.  I found this in Dear Olde Dave Rosenberg’s End-of-January ROSYGRAM that a family friend sends out via e-mail. Dave is so funny that he is frequently published in FUNNY TIMES, one of … Continue reading

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Ode to a Snow Day

What is the utter appeal of a snow day?  For some, a night and day of heavy snow must be a huge burden, an annoyance, a danger, an upset.  For others, it may be a nice surprise, a joyful experience, … Continue reading

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O.K., So What Do You Teachers Want?

Just in case anyone ever asks, let’s explore what is it that teachers may really want from professional development.  In my last post, I complained heartily (bound to cause some displeasure in some camps) about the quality of professional development … Continue reading

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What’s the Point?

I’m usually the optimistic one. I am certain that this causes occasional agita for some close friends who may get a teensy bit tired of me seeing the brighter side or looking for ways to rationalize a situation. However, I have … Continue reading

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State of the Union

  It’s that time of year. Time to stop and reflect. Time to take stock. Time to count the silver. Time to speechify and identify the state of THE UNION. And, you may ask, what is the state of our … Continue reading

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Rise & Fall of Ross Global Academy

Finally found some time to catch up with last week’s New Yorker magazine–the one with the Barry Blitt cover of Spiderward–five hospitalized Spideys in various stages of recovery. The cover art made no sense to me when it arrived on … Continue reading

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Tough Times at Ridgemont High

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for the worst offenses in my classroom to be from a kid like Spicoli ordering a pizza to be delivered during the middle of class. Jeez. Those were the days. We have moved way beyond … Continue reading

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