Accountability Plus

Whoa! Or, is that woe?

Today’s editorial in the News Journal was certainly enlightening. It turns out that public education—read that as public school teachers (and by implication, the corrupt and nefarious unions that protect them) are not only single-handedly responsible for failing schools, high drop-out rates, low graduation rates, bad teachers, and the achievement gap, as well as the moral stagnation of generations of school children, the potential ruination of the nation’s economy and future standing in the world, and the decline of western civilization as we know it, BUT, we are now seen as major “contributors to–or as recent data shows, detractors from–our military preparedness.”

The title of the piece: Public education’s failings degrade national security.

Wow! Former national Secretary of Education, Ron Paige, was right: NEA is a terrorist organization! Mr. Paige made these prescient remarks to a group of the nation’s governors at a private White House meeting in February, 2004.

Oy vey iz mir! I ask you–can it get much worse than this? I have begun to regard the Wilmington News Journal, my lowly and humble printed source of local news, as my pushy and overly-ambitious Jewish Mother–ready at every turn to heap on the guilt. Jeez, Mom, gimme a break. Don’t be such a nudzh

No sooner am I working hard to refocus my energies on improving curriculum, crafting highly effective instructional delivery, reaching out to my neediest students, enhancing parent and community engagement, and complying with various RttT regulations and goals, than you make sure to tell me that there’s more—that I’m not doing enough already. That now, even world peace is my obligation.

There appears be no end to the problems, goals, and aspirations for which public education and professional educators shall be held accountable; likewise, there is no shortage of chutzpah


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10 Responses to Accountability Plus

  1. Frederika says:

    I gotta learn how to make these little video clips. Boo-yah!

  2. Gilda says:

    John Young has to either be a teacher or married to one. Perhaps he is even an enlightened administrator–with any luck at all he will run for his school board. His videos are so dead on it’s eerie-and very, very, enjoyable! Thanks for the laughs between the bouts of weeping about what’s happening to public schools.

  3. Frederika says:

    I gotta figure out how to make these animated video clips. They are the best.

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