A Holiday Wish for All Education Union Members

A Holiday Wish for All DSEA Members                             

by Frederika Jenner  (with Apologies to Clement C. Moore)

‘Twas the week before Christmas and across this small state,

Public school employees were all feeling great.

Looking forward to day after day of vacation

Each enjoying the thought of their own celebration

With family and friends, and their own children, dear.

(Not with other folks’ kiddies until the next year.)

Resting, relaxing, and singing glad carols,

Yet, none of them willing to rest on their laurels. 

Each driver and para, and food service worker,

Though tired and stressed–we see nary a shirker.

Each custodian, teacher, and clerk, secretary

Faces the day, though the pressures may vary,

With a smile on their face and a glad recognition

That their single job can fulfill a small mission.

To provide what is needed by so many young

People today. So their praises are sung:

On roadways, in classrooms, school offices, down hallways,

By boilers and rooftops, in file rooms, and cafes.

Reminding each other that the jobs that we do

Are essential to all.  But you already knew

That it takes a whole village to raise every child.

And school is no different.  Let’s be reconciled

To the fact that each worker plays his or her role

In raising our students’ ambitions and goals

To top level achievements, to the top of the pile,

As measured by time—it may take a while.

But we’ll soldier on in our endeavor to gain

Respect, realization, and even a name

For ourselves as transformers of things we hold dear

Like our students, and schools, and our place in the sphere

Of public opinion and media quest.

Let’s join in agreement that we are all blest.

Merry Christmas to many; Chanukah memories to some.

Happy Kwanzaa, Posadas, Winter Solstice, Ramadan.

May your joys multiply; may your worries decrease.   

Here’s wishing the New Year brings each one of us peace.

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2 Responses to A Holiday Wish for All Education Union Members

  1. ob1katobe says:

    This is great! Happy holidays to all and thanks for something here that should be shared far and wide!

    • Frederika says:

      Thanks. Feel free to share.

      I had extreme difficulty getting it to format correctly on the blog post–it should be four lines to a verse. I finally gave up after hours of fooling with it.

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