An ‘A’ for Originality

Found in the Sunday Styles section of today’s NYTimes in Social Q’s (p. 8):

Last year we were among four families in our class to give the teacher a pair of gloves for Christmas. Any ideas on how to be more original this time around?  C.T.

A box of chocolates, a scented candle…ugh! It’s not easy to be impersonal and original at the same time.

Lucky for you, I’ve got an idea. In this age of shrinking budgets, teachers are increasingly springing for classroom supplies out of their own pockets. Why not give Mr. or Miss Chips a gift card from Staples or Office Depot to help subsidize their subsidization of the school system? Education reform at work!

Note: Whover writes Social Q must have a fairly close relationship with a public school teacher! SQ is right on target here, both with the gift-giving suggestion, and with the social commentary regarding teachers feeling compelled to spend their own money in order to have what they need to do a good job in the classroom, and, the quip about education reform!  Thanks, SQ, whoever you are!

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