Let Me Out of This Echo Chamber!

Holy Cow! Was it something I said???

My stats show that there were 60 visitors (YIPPEE!) to my site today. Yet, nary a response was typed. C’mon folks. This is a two-way street. I post–you respond. Then, I respond. Then someone else adds an idea. Then, another. Then, I respond. And so on, and so on,…

Trust me–I have a lot to say. But, I never imagined that I would be doing all of the talking. I have already implored my friends to respond. Hellooooo!

Do you agree? Disagree? Do you have another point to add? Do you have an example or story to share?

Anyone? Anyone? (Ferris Bueller reference, for the uninitiated.)

If you wish to remain anonymous, then do. Just be a bit more creative: post as Don Juan or Aunt Matilda or Lizzy Borden.

As Dr. Evil would say, “Somebody throw me a bone!”

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10 Responses to Let Me Out of This Echo Chamber!

  1. ????? says:

    FJ for President!!!

    • Frederika says:

      Thanks very much for the vote of confidence. Mike Hoffmann and I are working hard–getting around to Rep Council and Executive Board meetings in lots of districts in all three counties.

      The most important things is the GOTV effort. Tell your DSEA friends and colleagues to be sure to VOTE.

  2. John Young says:

    the ratio of posts to responses is generally low, but I do love the Lizzie Borden reference..her tactics may be just what education needs…LOL

  3. justanotherparent says:

    OK – I’ll bite. Totally new to this blogging commenting thing but very interested in public education in DE. I’ve been digging into this new DCAS test and am stunned by what I’ve learned (or think I’ve learned?): This year the DCAS scores essentially don’t mean anything and there is really NO WAY to judge if your kid has learned anything – especially if they scored a “4” on the test in the Fall. I figured there would be “embeded or normative” questions in the test that could be used to say “hey this kid rates as good as 75% of the kids across the country” This is what we used to get with our “beloved” DSTP…at least that was the score/rating we would look at! Also w/ this years’ DCAS (and I’ve been told these facts may apply for several years) parents aren’t going to be able to get data like “my kid is reading at the 5th grade 6month level in October and in May is at the 7th grade 2nd month level”

    I wish I had known this before I attended one of the New Castle County – Markell and Lowery “listening sessions” or Race to the Top sessions (the two remaining ones next week are in Dover and Cape Henlopen unfortunately.

    So here’s the thing – I was fine with doing away with the DSTP AND I realize this high stakes testing environment is poisonous to many people and I was happy we got the RTTP $$ and got lots of people interested in DE public education BUT how did we somehow (or you educators or politicians or press people) let this huge issue w/ the DCAS slip by us??? We HAD a working computerized test in several of our school districts (MAP) that could actually give us DATA this year. What the heck was Markell and Lowery thinking??? Really what am I missing…

  4. Momma knows says:

    Would love to see Race to the Top add more teachers in schools…………period……….lower class sizes……….period……….forget the BS about teacher quality, data driven instruction, essential questions, common core standards, etc. etc.etc .you get the “drift.”
    How about going “backwards” to a time when teachers had the time to call parents, work individually with students and establish a learning community instead of………what we have now!! Now that would be progress!!

    • Frederika says:

      Class size is a HUGE (pardon the pun) issue with teachers. I have 145 kids each day in five classes. My average class size this year is about 30, with my smallest class at 26 and my largest at 35. Science kits are designed for 30, so it is a stretch for some activities. An effective teacher is VERY important but my effectiveness in any class can be greatly impacted by having an over-abundance of kids.

      Complications arise in a school like mine, and in others, where there is literally no more floor space available for additional classes.

  5. Frederika says:

    Tojustanotherparent: My two kids are grown, but I know that I never needed some standardized test to tell me whether they were learning anything or not. Or whether they were learning the right things. We knew just by talking with them every night at the dinner table and keeping an eye on their school work and homework.

    DCAS–hmm,… Here’s the really strange news. Most teachers know about as much as you parents do about the entire DCAS plan or process. My colleagues and I feel that we are quite in the dark about this year or any other years to follow. The plan that was first described to some of us has changed a few times and we are out f the information loop. We hear many contradictory rumors repeated. I kid you not.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    F: Welcome to the Echo Chamber! Blogging is just the newest adaptation of talking to yourself…

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