Blog Rollin’

If you are a veteran blog follower, or just getting started on keeping track of the blogosphere, you may want to check out some of the blogs listed in the Blog Roll to the right of my posts. So far, I have included only blogs related to current education issues, teaching, public schools, and the pitfalls of the latest education reform movement sweeping the country. 

I am a dedicated fan of blogs and blogging. I started following local Delaware blogs in 2006, when the you-know-what hit the you-know-what with the bankrupting of the two largest school districts in Delaware. Two blogs in particular, Kilroy’s Delaware and the now closed but infamous, fixredclay, kept teachers and the public informed and helped unify an entire school community in order to pass a tough referendum and to elect six alternative school board members over the last three years. In fact, newer Delaware blogs include ones maintained by sitting school board members. Take a look at Transparent Christina, Children and Educators First, and Education and Community News.

Caveat lector—you have been warned! Some readers could be offended by some posts on some of these blogs. If you find something that offends—do not read—that is your right and responsibility.

However, I think that these blogs have a great deal of appeal and provide a view of the world quite different from that of the local daily paper. These blogs are fresh, opinionated, sassy, intelligent, passionate, and informative. The bloggers are committed activists, ready to stick their necks out for what they believe to be right and good and true. Ready to stir things up. Ready to rock and roll. 

These blogs are a new and wonderful way to keep track of: 

  • what’s new in the sphere of public education
  • what’s news—brand new news, or news that you might otherwise miss
  • what’s happening in NYC, Chicago, Denver, and Seattle schools
  • what are the scary reform perspectives and plans of some very powerful people
  • who’s in and who’s out
  • who shares opinions similar to your own
  • who really cares about children and public schools

I used to just read and respond to the local blogs. Since I expanded my blogging horizons, I have learned that “ed reform” is everywhere, and that our problems are shared by educators and parents across the country. I have learned that good teachers in Denver are losing their jobs; that Chicago teachers have had enough; that Seattle is under siege by the Teach for America organization and The Parent Trigger groups; that bloggers in other locations are interested in what we know and what’s happening here in Dear Old Delaware; that we’re all in the same soup—and it’s getting hot!

So, take some time to explore these and other blogs. One blog seems to lead to another.

It’s good to know that we are definitely not alone.

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