Celebrity Death Match

I found this while poking around this evening on some education-related blogs. If you are interested in some of the best and most topical commentary on public education, check out the Washington Post’s regular blog, The Answer Sheet, moderated by Valerie Strauss. You will not be disappointed.


In a post from earlier this week, entitled Ravitch Answers Gates, Ms. Strauss facilitates a “war of words” between the contemporary and self-proclaimed education expert & billionaire, Bill Gates, and the somewhat more refined edustar, Diane Ravitch. Fascinating.

Gates lobs huge flaming chunks of tired and shop-worn rhetoric at the more skilled and facile Ravitch. Ever the skilled and abler spokesperson, Ravitch parries with a light but piercing reply. Point à Ravitch, again and again.

I ask you: Could Gates’s style of questioning be any more obnoxious? His mocking tone is over-the-top. He demonstrates absolutely no respect or regard for someone (heck, anyone) who might have more or even the same capacity for understanding the current dilemmas in schools of today. It appears that Gates cannot imagine that he or his cronies could possible be mistaken in any of their ed-reform dogma or rhetoric.

[Always a bad sign when someone approaches a very important topic with such assurance and hubris. His cavalier attitude marks him as a candidate for a good come-uppance. I know some Seattle teachers and parents who would relish that.]   

Read Ravitch’s careful and considered responses. Consider the detail and example she includes. She got game!

Is this all that Gates could bring to the match?    


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