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Living on the Edge

I am running for President of the Delaware State Education Association.  One of our local leaders who is President of the para-educators (classroom aides) group in her school district asked me: “I have a question for you—something near and dear to … Continue reading

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Conditional Excellence

This is long–my apologies. I have taken an interesting and succinct interview with a real education expert and interspersed it with my comments. Now it is long-winded and wordy. Mission accomplished! Prepare teachers well, create the conditions for excellence Des Moines … Continue reading

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Sometimes, You Just Need a Chuckle

I love e-mail! One of the benefits is all of the truly funny material that gets passed around. Stuff we never used to find or hear or see on TV. I love humor, sarcasm, irony, puns and jokes.   “A day … Continue reading

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One Fight More

I want to commend Tim Barchak on his thoughtful and provocative posts.  If you are interested in education and edupolitical issues, and if you’re not familiar with this blog, you should check it out. Tim does not post real regularly, … Continue reading

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Roll Call

Over the years, there has been an on-going discussion among teachers about the impact of student absence on student achievement, especially regarding learning and test scores, and ultimately the effects of student absence on drop out rates and graduation rates … Continue reading

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If Childhood Poverty is Part of the Problem–What Does It Look Like? How Does It Affect Our Students?

It is hard for me to imagine being poor. I have never experienced true hunger or want of any kind. Boy, am I lucky–lucky by birth, for the most part. Of course, I can think about poverty in a rational or intellectual … Continue reading

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Do we want quality teachers?

In a recent post on Failing Schools, a powerful blog out of Denver, Colorado, Mariasallee asked this question. The answer is obvious–right? Of course, we all want quality teachers in our classrooms. This begs the question: How do we accomplish this? … Continue reading

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